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by Erika Solloway on July 25, 2016

For many of us, summer is a time for relaxation from our daily routine when classes are in session. Summer is a time when you can pick up new hobbies, explore new places, or catch up on some reading and TV shows you’ve been too busy to keep up with all semester. This summer, how about you challenge yourself to try something new! Check out our list of ideas to spark your interests.



For some intellectual stimulation:

  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to read that’s been sitting on your shelf all semester.
  • Write letters to your friends and family that may be traveling this summer.
  • Draw, paint, or sketch anything from your pet to your backyard view.
  • Learning a new language may seem daunting, but there are tons of free apps and activities.
  • Podcasts have everything from comedians to authors to radio personalities to choose from.
  • Start a blog!



  • Running can be the start of something entirely new; nature trails and fun races are happening all summer long!
  • Swim while you can! This beautiful summer weather won’t last forever.
  • Bike around where you live. This is a great way to meet new people, exercise, and not have to pay parking garage rates!


  • Fishing! Picture yourself on a quit dock, the sun is setting, and the fish are biting. Sounds pretty good, huh?
  • Camping at a local or state campground can be an adventure! How would you like to be sitting around a fire making s’mores and making new friends?
  • Fruit picking at local farms is a great way to get fresh in-season produce while supporting local businesses.

family tree

At home ideas:

  • Create a family tree. This can double at a present for a family member during the holiday season.
  • Host a board game night with some friends. Friendly competition and snacks can last all night!
  • Host a dinner party for some friends. Dress up if you want, and have a great time. Potluck style makes this a really inexpensive idea since everyone will be contributing.
  • Host a trivia night. This could be just for fun, to raise money for charity, or to win funny prizes.

Brand new skills:

  • Learn to cook some new recipes. There are plenty of online free recipes and instructional videos.
  • Scrap booking can not only be relaxing, but as you’re making it you’re reminded of all of the wonderful friends and family you have which is sure to boost your mood.
  • Restore some old thrift store furniture to become unique and beautiful pieces in your home.



  • Volunteer your time to a local charity. This is sometimes just as valuable if not more than funding them.
  • Follow a local sports team. Get involved with the Red Sox! Learn about their history and the current players and stats.
  • Donate blood to local blood banks. You could help save someone’s life for 20 minutes of your day. Many blood banks also give out rewards like movie tickets for donating.
  • Organize fundraising for an organization you’re passionate about.
  • Be a tourist in your own city and visit the local museums and historical sites.


  • Create a budget for the upcoming semester. This can help avoid any surprises, and you may even be able to see where you can cut back to start saving you money.
  • Thrift shopping for clothes or furniture can be a whole day activity! You’d be surprised how many gently used in-style clothes end up in thrift stores.
  • Get a part-time job for the summer to earn some extra spending money.


Most importantly, enjoy your summer!


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Reset Your Sleep Cycle

by Erika Solloway on July 18, 2016

When you start to think about going back to school for fall semester, what are some concerns that come to mind? Are you concerned about eating healthy, exercising, your sleep schedule? In this blog post we will talk about some different ways to reset your sleep cycle so that you can get back on track for the upcoming semester.

Regulate your internal clock. This is also called your circadian rhythm, and it tells your body when to sleep and wake up. Many important bodily functions use this sleep-wake cycle to determine how well they work. That’s why an out-of-whack sleep schedule can hurt your overall health on top of you feeling extra tired throughout the day.

blue light

Get the rest you need by banning blue light before. Blue light is light that comes from electronic devices and energy-efficient lightbulbs. Blue light doesn’t allow your body to wind down when you want it to. Try turning off your cell phone or tablet before bed and reading a book or meditating instead.


Skip naps. Avoid taking naps if you can, but if you really feel like you cannot function, taking a quick 20 minute nap won’t do you any harm. Taking a longer nap may take away from your ability to easily fall asleep later.


Get out of bed if you cannot sleep. If you’ve been lying in bed for 20 minutes or more without being able to fall asleep, get up and do something relaxing instead of staring at the ceiling wondering why you can’t sleep. Staying in bed tossing and turning trains your brain to stay awake night after night.

Wake up at the same time each day. Sometimes you can’t control when you fall asleep, but you do have complete control over when you wake up. Having a regular routine sets the tone for your body for the whole rest of the day.

Practice good bedtime habits. This can mean filtering out noise before bed, keep your room cool and dark, and avoid drinking caffeine close to bedtime. Practicing these bedtime habits will over time contribute to a better sleep routine.


Exercise daily. Getting your heart rate elevated during the day can boost your odds of getting a good night’s sleep. Doing some yoga before bed may also be helpful for your mind and body to relax and wind down from a busy day.


As the summer draws to a close, keep some of these tips in mind so ensure you start off the semester on the right foot and with plenty of rest.


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