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by Erika Solloway on August 22, 2016

Outreach Education would like YOU to know the very latest health and wellness information. That’s why we run a few social media sites, tailored for BSU students. We want to keep you informed and interested.


Here’s the link to our Facebook page:

On Facebook we have information about the hours, location, and phone number for our Outreach Education office in Weygand Hall, as well as updates for weekly events and funny pictures about current happenings on campus.  Our Facebook page is loaded with motivational posts for when you’re feeling blue, as well as links to interesting articles. Come check us out and be sure to ‘like’ our page for updates throughout the semester!


Outreach Education’s Twitter link:

Following our twitter account will give you all of the updated information right away for our programming and events. We post everything from information about current events, to cooking tutorials, to fitness videos! Be sure to follow us and tweet at us if there’s anything else you’d like us to post about!


Instagram is the place to be: Our handle is @bsuoutreach
Outreach Education’s Instagram has videos and pictures from when therapy dogs came to visit during our Stress Free Zone, as well as tons of other mood-lifting quotes and images for you to scroll through. If you enjoy looking at puppy pictures and want to read through some inspirational messages, check us out!


Check out our blog:

Our blog is updated each week with interesting, funny, and relevant posts written by students, for students. We have information about local activities, skin safety, in-season and local foods to try, graduating and moving, how to handle stress, and tons of other health and wellness related topics that you may be dealing with. Make sure to ‘subscribe’ to our blog to get updates on our latest posts and re-read some favorites!


Our Intranet page link:

This page is the hub of all of our information, including health related document links, BE SMART campaign information, Alcohol Edu course information and frequently asked questions, our on campus event calendar, all of our social media links in one place, and last but certainly not least our Peer Educator application that everyone is encouraged to check out.


In the fall, Outreach Education has a number of campus-wide interactive programs, including:


Wellness Walks! Once a week a staff member and students meet at the Old Clock Tower and walk through the beautiful campus trails together. This is a great way to de-stress at the end of the day, enjoy the beautiful nature around us before winter comes, and make some new friends. Fresh air and a relaxing scenic walk is sometimes all you really need!  (The picture above was taken from the trail!)


Our BE SMART campaign focuses on all aspects of alcohol education through games and giveaways that we host across campus several times each semester. Students always look for our interactive games, hoping to get answers right and win prizes.


The Great American Smokeout campaign provides resources and giveaways to help students quit smoking and bond those that have lost a loved one because of tobacco use. Our wall of hands activity shows passerby’s that they are not alone in what they went through, or are currently going through.


Project PACK (Post Assault Comfort Kits) is a month-long collection drive for toiletry items for survivors of sexual assault. Comfort kits are made from the supplies, and delivered by a local alum to area hospitals. You can help these survivors by donating items.


Our Handwashing campaign helps students see where they’ve missed washing their hands by using special luminescent lotion that glows in UV light. During flu season this table is a hit, with many students thinking that they are being more cautious than they actually are, and we have the opportunity to show them where they may need to make small improvements in their handwashing.


The Promise to Adam campaign that runs each fall is in memory of a student that passed away as a result of distracted driving. We honor Adam and host educational and interactive activities to ensure that students are aware of the consequences of driving distracted, and to provide them with resources should they need them.


Our last, but certainly not least, event in the semester is the Stress Free Zone. This campaign lasts for an entire week right before finals week when students need to de-stress the most. We have therapy dogs stop by, crafts provided with the intention of reducing stress and anxiety, as well as other interactive games and activities throughout the week all based around a fun theme picked by our Peer Educators.

peer educator

If any of those campaigns sound like something you may be interested in being a part of, you can apply to become a Peer Educator! Peer Educators are a group of students who design ongoing campus-wide educational campaigns and become role-models on campus for their peers by teaching and promoting the goal of reducing alcohol and drug use and promoting health and wellness. On the Outreach Education Intranet site you will find the application, job description, and directions for submission.


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