Project Pack: What You can do to help Survivors of Sexual Violence

by Katie Bogusz on October 3, 2016

“Among undergraduate students, 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation” (RAINN).

Many people have heard about the prevalence of sexual violence on college campuses, but many are unsure about how to aid and support survivors of sexual violence. One way to support and help survivors is by donating to Project PACK which is a non-profit that puts together and gives out comfort kits to survivors of sexual assault in Massachusetts. Outreach Education and the BSU Peer Educators will be fundraising for Project Pack by collecting items for comfort kits as well as monetary donations throughout the month of October at various locations on campus.



What is Project PACK and what are comfort kits?

In their own words, “Project PACK Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting survivors of sexual assault throughout Massachusetts with our Post-Assault Comfort Kits” (Project PACK). Essentially what Project Pack does is collect items that are donated (or collect monetary donations) and then put those items into what they call a “post-assault comfort kit”. These comfort kits are then given to those survivors who come into the hospital to have a post-assault examination.

A comfort kit is full of useful items that a person would use during or after an examination. These items include:

travel size tissues

individually wrapped toothbrush

travel size toothpaste

travel size mouthwash

travel size deodorant

travel size lotion

lip balm


hair elastic

panty liner

wet wipes




These items are necessary because once the nurse begins the examination the patient cannot leave the exam room, therefore they cannot pick up much needed supplies that could bring comfort to the already grueling and emotional process. Those items listed above are what we are looking for as donations for project pack as well as monetary donations!


How you can help.

The Outreach Education Office and the BSU Peer Educators will be collecting donations throughout the month of October at these locations on campus:

Outreach Education, Weygand 1048

Athletics and Recreation, Tinsley 200

Center for Multicultural Affairs, RCC 10

Circulation Desk, Maxwell Library

BSU Bookstore, ECC

IPARE, Gates House

At these locations you will see a Project PACK basket where you can drop off donated items. If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so at the Outreach Education Office (Weygand 1048) or online through Project PACK’s website ( The BSU Peer Educators will also be conducting a tabling for Project PACK on Tuesday October 4th from 11am-2pm in the ECC Lobby. There you can get more information on Project PACK as well as your own shopping list for donations. You can also pick up brochures and pamphlets about sexual assault, consent, and resources for survivors at BSU and the surrounding areas.



Do Your Part!

Please make a donation to Project PACK and show your support for survivors of sexual violence! If you would like to learn more about project pack please visit their website, or Facebook page To learn more about Outreach Education as well as the BSU Peer Educators: like the BSU Outreach Education page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bsuoutreach, and check out our calendar for upcoming events at:


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