Handwashing: What are YOU missing?

by Katie Bogusz on November 1, 2016

Since we wash our hands so many times a day (hopefully!), shouldn’t that make us experts?  But when looking back on it, how much thought do we actually put into properly washing our hands every day?  Most of the time hand washing is a mindless task, something that we automatically do without thinking.  What we need to start doing is thinking about how important it is to make sure we are thoroughly washing our hands to protect us against germs, bacteria, and illness.

Flu season is here and no one wants to get sick during the school year so why not brush up on your handwashing techniques.  Outreach Education and the BSU Peer Educators are hosting a table titled “Keep Germs Away” on November 7th in the ECC Foyer from 11am-2pm where students can see just how well they wash their hands as well as learn tips to improve their handwashing practices.  In the meantime look over these helpful hand washing tips…


Back to Basics: Keep the Germs Away!

When we look back on our childhood we can think of many teachable moments, one of those moments is handwashing!  But overtime we forget the rules and proper techniques, so here’s a quick refresher on the best ways to wash your hands:

  1. Wet hands and wrist, apply soap.


  1. Put your right palm over your left and your left palm over your right, rubbing the soap on the tops of your hands.


  1. Place your palms against one another and interlock your fingers, making sure to scrub in between the fingers.


  1. Make sure to get the knuckles as well, do this by rubbing the backs of your fingers together.


  1. Don’t forget the thumb, do a rotational rubbing of your right thumb clasped in your left palm and vice versa.


  1. Finally make sure to get the palm, use the tips of your fingers as well as your thumb and do a rotational rubbing of both the right and left palm.

Or if you are a more visual learner…

Make sure to use soap and water.  Also make sure to rub hands for twenty seconds, try singing a song like the ABCs while washing hands to make sure you are doing it long enough.  Rinse hands completely clean, dry your hands with a towel, and finally use a towel to turn off the faucet.  You don’t want to reverse all that hard work of washing your hands by touching a dirty faucet, so try and use a towel when you can to turn off the faucet.

Spots to look out for!

We tend to follow the same handwashing routine every time, but this means there are spots we might be  missing when washing our hands.  Some of the most frequently missed spots when washing hands are the thumbs, the finger tips, the finger nails, and in between our fingers.  Those areas can hold lots of germs and cause us to become sick.  Make sure you are scrubbing every part of your hand or else you aren’t doing the job justice!


 What does all this handwashing business do for me?

On a college campus we come into contact with germs everywhere, on door knobs, desks, textbooks, etc.  The best thing we can do to rid ourselves of these germs without taking it to extremes is doing simple things like washing your hands a couple of times a day.  No one wants to get sick and have to miss important classes, assignments, or work duties.  So make sure to properly wash your hands or else you can find yourself with the dreaded plague that everyone in your residence hall seems to be catching.  Also when you wash your hands you’re doing a service to your peers by preventing the spread of germs you might have, so think about it as a small public service act.

Please attend our tabling event “Keep Germs Away” on November 7th in the ECC Foyer from 11am-2pm to see just how well you’re washing your hands.  In the meantime like the BSU Outreach Education page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bsuoutreach, and check out our calendar for upcoming events at: my.bridgew.edu/OutreachEducation.  All of these resources can give you helpful tips on how to stay healthy this semester!

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