How Much is Too Much?

by rquist on April 10, 2013


What’s a standard serving size?

For hard liquor, a serving size is 1.5 fl oz of 80-proof liquor (like vodka or rum). One glass of wine is 5 fl oz, and one serving of beer is 12 fl oz. But how do you remember all these numbers? It’s easy! Take a standard solo cup – there are three distinct lines in the cup’s design. The line closest to the bottom of the cup is the indicator for one serving of hard liquor; the line in the middle is for wine; the line near the top is for beer.

This means that when you don’t pay attention to how much you’re pouring, you could be drinking more than one serving – you could be drinking two or three drinks when you think you’re only having one. This is could lead to serious consequences, including blacking out and alcohol poisoning.

It’s important to make smart choices about drinking, and the BSU Peer Educators are here to help you understand these decisions. Tomorrow, April 11, the BSU Peer Educators will host two tables from 10am-2pm – one in ECC and one in RCC. Come try on the “drunk goggles” in ECC, and test your knowledge of a standard drink size in RCC!

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