BE SMART-Make Smart Decisions at BSU!

by Katie Bogusz on September 19, 2017

Hello to all returning students and newcomers!  We hope your summer was relaxing and fun.  Now that many of us are back on campus it’s important that we remember to BE SMART.  If you choose to drink, make smart choices and be safe.  Read on for more BE SMART tips to ensure your safety…

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BE SMART-Know your Limits and Pace Yourself

If you choose to drink it’s important to pace yourself because it will make you drink less alcohol per hour.  Check out the list below for some useful ways to pace yourself if you drink:

  • Make drinks with more mixer and less alcohol.
  • Alternate alcohol and non-alcohol drinks.
  • Sip your drink slowly. Don’t takes shots or slam your drink.
  • Keep track of your bottle caps or can tabs every hour so you know what you drank.
  • Set a safer limit of drinks and pace yourself with a friend.
  • Set a limit to one drink per hour.
  • Alternate drinking two non-alcohol drinks after each alcohol drink.
  • Drink only standard drink size servings.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you bring with you so you will drink slower and make the alcohol last throughout the evening.
  • Bring water or non-alcohol drinks with you so you can alternate between the drinks.
  • Eat snacks while you are drinking and you will drink less per hour.


BE SMART-Designate a Sober Driver

It’s necessary to have a designated sober driver if you ever go out drinking and need to drive there.  If you choose to drink have a plan for how you will get back.  Check out some BE SMART tips below on designating a sober driver:

  • Rotate your designated driver each time your friends go out. It is easier for the designated driver to remain alcohol free if they know other people will have the responsibility next time.
  • Have more than one designated driver so you always have a back-up.
  • Have more than one sober buddy so it will be more fun for the designated driver.
  • Agree as a group before going out and drinking who the designated driver will be.
  • Know the plan for getting home safely and know where to meet the designated driver.
  • Arrive as a group to the party or event in the designated driver’s car. Only the designated driver should drive to the party, and the DD is the only one with the keys at the party.
  • Take care of your designated driver and give them gas money or buy them dinner or snacks.
  • Avoid designating a driver you know has a hard time not drinking when they go out.
  • Allow the designated driver to drop off and pick up the group so they don’t have to go to the party and be tempted to drink alcohol.
  • Select a designated driver you know is trustworthy and dependable.


BE SMART: Look out for your Friends!

If you choose to go out drinking with friends, be sure to look out for one another.  Have a buddy system and be sure to check in with your friends.  Below are some tips on how to BE SMART when looking out for your friends’ safety:

  • Set group rules that everyone has to follow.
  • Call 911 when you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning.
  • Know the warning signs of alcohol poisoning and know how to respond.
  • Leave with the friends you came with. Don’t let friends leave with someone else.
  • Have a sober squad of more than one person in the group whenever you go out.
  • Tell your friends when they’re drinking too much. They will not realize they are drinking too much.
  • Tell your friend when their behavior is unsafe or out of control. Suggest they get help.
  • Stop your friends from getting into a car with a driver who has been drinking.
  • Stop your friends from driving after they have been drinking.
  • Remind your friends to alternate water and alcohol drinks.
  • Remind your friends of the limits they have set.
  • Require your friends to sleep at your house if they have been drinking there.
  • Stay together with your friends and don’t let anyone go off alone.
  • Take your friends’ car keys if they are drinking.
  • Walk your friends’ home if they have been drinking.
  • Stop your friends from drinking past their limit.
  • Know your friend’s alcohol limits.


Make this semester and the rest of your time at BSU safe and fun.  BE SMART and take the knowledge that you learned from this post and apply it to your life.  Share the knowledge you learned with your friends too!  To learn more about Outreach Education as well as the BSU Peer Educators: like the BSU Outreach Education page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bsuoutreach, and check out our calendar for upcoming events on the Involvement (IN) Network by visiting and searching for the BSU Peer Educators.

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