Be SMART on St. Patrick’s Day if you choose to drink

by Sara Waldron on March 14, 2017

Why should I manage my drinking limits on St. Patrick’s Day…

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If you choose to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, be smart and safe in your decisions. It’s important to pace yourself if you decide to drink. It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities, where people may binge drink. Binge-drinking can have lasting effects on your health. It’s important to be smart about your alcohol use and don’t let your drinking ruin this holiday for yourself or others.


Why does my body react this way?

It’s essential to understand how your body reacts to certain types of and specific amounts of alcohol. Remember ethanol is a chemical in alcoholic beverages, which is intoxicating and addictive. An important concern of drinking alcohol, aside from avoiding embarrassing behavior, is health related risks. Young adults who binge-drink are likely to set themselves up for a higher risk of chronic disorders when older, such as substance abuse or high blood pressure. You can reduce your chances of future alcohol-related problems by making small changes now.

Tips to Pace Yourself on St. Patrick’s Day if You Choose to Drink

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  1. Alternate drinking alcohol and water to prevent going over your limit. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the night by drinking water. By alternating to drinking water after every drink, you will drink less. If you decide to play drinking games, use water as your beverage during the games.
  2. Eat before and during the party. Remember to eat a meal or snack before and during the party to slow down the feeling of being buzzed. It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach.
  3. Start drinking later than usually. Many people may drink before they head to their St. Patty’s Day party. Avoid the temptation and wait to have your first drink when you arrive at the party. This will help to pace yourself and you will be happy about this decision the next morning.
  4. Take smaller sips. It’s a good idea to take small sips of your drink throughout the night and don’t chug it. It’s not a race to finish your drink first.
  5. Set alarms. You can set an hourly alarm to take water breaks or to keep to a limit of one drink per hour. This is a great way to keep yourself on track and stick to your drink limit.
  6. Drink only standard size servings. Make sure to order a standard size drink in a bottle or a glass of wine. If you are making yourself a drink use a portion measure to make sure it’s really only one drink.

Did you know that Patrick was born in Roman Britain and was brought to Ireland through slavery? He did escape and later returned to Ireland as a missionary. This holiday was understated until the Irish immigrated to America and the celebrations grew.

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If you choose to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, set safe limits and always designate a sober driver to get everyone home safely. Try following some of these tips to enjoy the holiday and reduce possible negative consequences. Like the BSU Outreach Education page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bsuoutreach, and check out our calendar for upcoming events on the Involvement Network.

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