Eating Fruits and Veggies-Get Fruved at BSU!

by Sara Waldron on February 13, 2018

What is Get Fruved (FRUits and VEgetables)?

Get Fruved is a campus initiative to promote a healthier lifestyle. It’s taking place right here at BSU! It is a USDA approved joint research project, which includes over 90 universities, designed to decrease obesity in older adolescents. This large scale, multi-faceted project provides students the opportunity to get involved with researchers. College is a transformative time and is a great opportunity to establish healthy lifestyles behaviors. This initiative focuses on what we eat, how active we are, and how we manage our stress.

What can fruits and vegetables do for me?

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Variety is as important as quantity since no single fruit or vegetables provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. Try to eat a variety of types of produce to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs. There are a number of health benefits when you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. It can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower blood pressure, and lower the risk of eye and digestive problems. Also, a rich intake of vegetables and fruits can positively impact your blood sugar, which can help keep your appetite in check.

Tips for Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Variety is the key to a healthy diet. Take time to explore the produce aisle and choose something new. Try dark leafy greens; brightly colored red, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits.
  2. Don’t hide the fruit. Keep your fruit where you can see it so you will be more likely to eat it. Whole fruit is a great way to get fiber daily.
  3. Make it a meal. Try some new recipes that include more vegetables. Salads and stir fries are great for including a variety of vegetables.
  4. Start early in the day. Four servings of fruits and vegetables are the recommended amount a day. Start eating them during your morning meal so that number doesn’t seem overwhelming. Try adding bananas or berries to your cereal or yogurt or vegetables in your omelet.
  5. Keep frozen vegetables available. This is a great way to always have vegetables in your house. They are easy to prepare and keep for a long time. According to the American Dietetic Association, frozen vegetables are usually just as nutritious as fresh ones.
  6. You can drink your fruit and veggies. According to the USDA, you can drink a serving of fruit. Be sure to check labels that say 100% percent fruit or vegetable juice.

Are you ready to Get Fruved with BSU? Try following some of those tips to live a healthier lifestyle with higher energy levels and a better quality of life. To get involved with Get Fruved at BSU contact Ann Doyle at for more information. To learn more about Outreach Education and the BSU Peer Educators, like the BSU Outreach page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bsuoutreach, and check out our calendar for upcoming events on the Involvement Network at and search for the BSU Peer Educators.

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