Got Questions about Marijuana?

by Katie Bogusz on July 25, 2017

Massachusetts has passed a law that legalized the use of small quantities of Marijuana.  Many people have lingering questions and concerns about Marijuana use.  Read on to learn more about how marijuana can affect you and what legalization in Massachusetts means for Bridgewater students.


What are the Risks of Marijuana use?

Marijuana slows reflexes and impairs visual perception.  Driving, riding a bike or skateboarding is hazardous when you’re under the influence of marijuana.  Marijuana impairs short-term memory, reading comprehension, and the ability to solve verbal or mathematical problems.  This varies with the person, dose, and frequency of use, but it can have a negative effect on your school work.

Marijuana smoke, like tobacco smoke, reduces lung capacity.  If you play sports or do physically demanding work, marijuana use can have a negative impact on your performance.  Smoking marijuana irritate the mouth, throat, and lungs.  If you have asthma, a cold, the flu, allergies, or other respiratory problems, marijuana can make them worse.  Finally if you do decide to smoke marijuana make sure to know the source of the marijuana.  You can’t be sure about the potency of the does you’re getting, or whether it’s contaminated with other drugs or chemicals such as pesticides if you don’t know the source.

What does Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts mean for Me?

Small quantities of Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but still illegal federally.  Students at Bridgewater will not be able to possess marijuana on campus.  Bridgewater State receives funding from the federal government which means that the University has to abide by federal laws.  Marijuana use is illegal under federal laws, therefore its use, distribution, and/or possession is prohibited on the Bridgewater State University campus.  Using Marijuana on the Bridgewater State University campus is against the code of conduct.  The Bridgewater State police department, residential life and housing, and other university officials will continue to enforce the prohibition of marijuana.  Also, if you are caught using Marijuana on campus it can affect your financial aid since much of that money is funded by the federal government.

It is still illegal to drive under the influence of Marijuana in Massachusetts.  If you are over 21 years old, you can only possess up to 10 ounces in your home and you can have up to 1 ounce on your person outside of your home.  You cannot smoke Marijuana in public places or areas that are designated as smoke free.

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