How to Save and Earn some Money over Winter Break

by Katie Bogusz on December 26, 2017

Winter break is a great time to save and earn some money.  Some students may have jobs that they start or continue over break.  Others may be able to stay at home and save money on living expenses.  So make this winter break a time to save and earn money for yourself.  Hopefully through saving up some money you’ll be able to be less stressed about your finances in the spring semester!  Read on to learn more about how to save and earn money over your winter break…

9 Tips to Save and Earn Money:

  1. Sell your textbooks online. The cost of textbooks is crazy!  So why not get some of that money back by selling your textbooks online after each semester.  There are a number of sites that will offer money for used textbooks online.  Do some research yourself online and figure out which site will work for you!
  2. Bring your student ID out when you go places. A lot of stores and restaurants offer discounts to students.  So make sure to bring your ID with you and ask a person working there if they offer student discounts.  Here is a short list of places that will take student discounts with a valid student ID: Apple, AMC theatres, the New England Aquarium, Amazon, Spotify, ModCloth, Top Shop, Goodwill, Burger King, and Subway.
  3. Start budgeting your money. It can be hard to keep track of your spending, especially if you use a debit or credit card for most purchases.  However during this break make it a priority to start tracking your spending.  You can do this by creating an excel spreadsheet to track your spending every day, and then use that information to create a weekly budget.  This will help you realize the days you overspend, which can help you save later in the week.
  4. Change up the activities you do with friends to save money. Instead of going out to dinner, have a potluck or dinner party where everyone brings a dish.  Instead of going out to the movies, have a movie night with friends at your house.  Instead of playing trivia at a local restaurant, host a trivia night at your house.  There are a lot of fun activities that you can do for free at home!
  5. Check out local events in your town or towns near you. There are a lot of free local events like poetry readings, art shows, ice skating, and other fun events during this time of year.  Look at your local newspaper or check out events online to see what you would be interested in.
  6. Carpool! This is a great way to save gas money and help the environment.  Have you and your friends take turns driving.  This will help all of you save money on gas and will also let you spend more time with your friends!
  7. If you work part-time during the semester check to see if your job will allow you to work more hours during winter break. This will help you earn a lot more money and give you more work experience too.
  8. Winter break is also a great time to look for scholarships that your school and other agencies offer. Look at your school’s listing of scholarships but also check out what else is offered online.  There are number of scholarships you can apply for that you may not know exist!  This is a great way to help you pay for your school.
  9. Clean out your house and sell some of the unneeded items! After the holidays it seems like your house is more crowded than normal because of all the new items.  Make your family happy by offering to clean out the house of unneeded items.  Then take those items and sell them at a yard sale or consignment shop.  You can also checkout websites online that can help you sell items for free.


Make the Most of your Break without Breaking the Bank!

Winter break is a time to relax and have fun after your fall semester.  But it doesn’t have to break the bank!  Try out these money saving and earning tips to help you during your time off.  These tips can also help make sure you aren’t as stressed about your finances during the spring semester.  To learn more about Outreach Education as well as the BSU Peer Educators: like the BSUOutreach page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bsuoutreach.

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