Narcan on the BSU campus

by Sara Waldron on October 10, 2017

What is the new public-access Narcan program?

Narcan Power

Bridgewater State University is the first school nationwide to create a public-access Narcan program. Narcan is the brand name of the drug Naloxone. This drug is given through a nasal spray or injection. It can help an individual to breath regularly again after an opiate overdose. There are 50 locations, throughout campus, that will be offering the anti-overdose drug. President Frederick Clark, Jr was an early supporter of this program. He stated that the program “sends exactly the right message that we can’t afford to be bystanders.”

How does it help prevent an overdose?

On campus, only the Narcan nasal spray will be available for use. This is the first and only FDA-approved nasal form of naloxone to treat an opioid overdose during an emergency. This was developed by first responders to counteract the life-threatening effects of opioid overdose. Within minutes it can bring the individual around and help them breathe regularly again. The Narcan interferes with the connection between the opioid and the brain receptors, which takes away the individual’s high. When administrating always follow the instructions for use and remember that repeated doses may be necessary. Furthermore, this nasal spray is not a substitute for emergency medical treatment since the individual may relapse into respiratory depression.


Treatment Options:

Addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed. If you suspect that someone has an opioid problem, speak up and help them find support. As a student, you can use the resources available at the Wellness Center in Weygand Hall or call them at 508- 531-1252. Also, if you’re seeking treatment, you can call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP or go to


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