Outreach Education and the BSU Peer Educators

by Katie Bogusz on September 12, 2017

The writers of this lovely blog work at Outreach Education, as professional staff, graduate assistants or as BSU Peer Educators.  be smart poster

Outreach Education

Outreach Education is a department within the Wellness Center, located in Weygand 1048.  The objective of Outreach Education is to prepare individuals and groups to take meaningful actions to reduce negative, and increase positive, health related behavior.  Working with the BSU Peer Educators, the staff provides individual consultation, prevention efforts, and educational outreach to the university community.  Outreach Education’s aim is to support and encourage the university community and individual students to think critically about healthy decision-making.

The Outreach Education office provides a variety of events, programs, and tables for the BSU community as well as educational handouts and flyers for students.  Some of our most popular programs and educational material are:

-National Alcohol Screening Day: The Counseling Center and Outreach Education professional staff offer free & confidential alcohol screenings.  The program screens individuals for problematic & dangerous drinking behavior & connects those who are at risk with local treatment resources.

-The Stall Street Journals: Single page educational flyers are posted in public bathroom stalls on campus.  These journals are designed to provide brief, health related information to a captive audience.


The BSU Peer Educators

The mission of the BSU Peer Educators is to empower students to make informed decisions with regard to alcohol, drugs, and related health and social issues.  The Peer Educators are undergraduate students who work in the Outreach Education office.  They staff tables, distribute educational material, and connect students with resources.  Some of the most popular campaigns that the BSU Peer Educators offer are:

-Do Your Pour More?: This campaign helps students learn about standard serving sizes of alcohol and increase awareness around alcohol consumption.  The BSU Peer Educators show the participants what the standard serving size of alcohol is compared to what they usually pour.

-Your Skin is In-Facial Screenings: This is a campaign designed to raise awareness about sun safety.  The Melanoma Foundation of New England provides a facial screening machine for participants to see sun damage on their face.  The Peer Educators hand out educational material on how participants can protect their skin.

-Stress Free Zone: The Stress Free Zone is offered each semester the week before finals.  A variety of events, including dog therapy, yoga, meditative coloring, and wellness walks, give students time to de-stress before finals.

You can connect with us on our:

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BSUOutreachEducation/

-Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSUOutreach

-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bsuoutreach/

A free online magazine for students, Student Health 101 offers articles, videos, and information on health issues students face.  Check it out by accessing the following link, http://readsh101.com/bridgew.html.


Now You Know!

Hopefully this post has allowed you to learn more about Outreach Education and the BSU Peer Educators.  Feel free to stop by our office, our hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, to pick up some educational material or learn more about who we are.  If you’d like to learn more about Outreach Education and the BSU Peer Educators please visit https://my.bridgew.edu/departments/OutreachEducation/SitePages/Home.aspx and check out our calendar for upcoming events on the Involvement (IN) Network by visiting  https://bridgew.collegiatelink.net/ and searching for the BSU Peer Educators.

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